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Whatever makes you reassess the current version of yourself, it’s probably not because of the technical issues at work. Most likely it is because:

You are not in alignment with your company and its ongoing direction

You have growing philosophical differences at work

The heart and soul of your organizations has been lost

You wonder if staying will be ‘worth it’

Work feels like a daily battle that you take personally

Stress and the physical impacts on your health are too high a toll to pay


Time to make a change

Discover your Special Personal Power and take your first step to continuously growing and succeeding. Create that ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.


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Andrew Lawless has given balance to working mothers; he helped working single parents to find love again, young professionals to pay-off student loans, executives to successfully opt-out of the pressure, stress and exhaustion stemming from corporate life. You will be able to use powerful tools from the world’s best coaching approaches.

Make your instincts work for - not against - you

Andrew is a Finalist for the prestigious Kolbe Professional Award, making him a global leader on human instincts, personally trained and certified by the world's leading authority, Kathy Kolbe.

Replace unhelpful patterns with constructive ones

Certified by two of the founders of Strategic Intervention Coaching, Andrew works with you on building mega strategies, navigating life stages, making personal transformation and key decisions to (re)-Create Yourself.

Transform with the world's highest rated coaching

Beginning in December: High Performance Coaching is a science-backed, heart-driven approach to reach your new goals. Andrew is only one of 300 coaches personally trained each year by founder Brendon Burchard.

Begin your (re)-creation now

Powerful strategies and tools that Andrew uses with CEOs to reflect on their purpose and how to positively impact as many people as they can.

"Andrew gave me great insight into how I will keep moving forward without doing the two-legged/feet driving. Brake then gas, break and gas!"

Eileen Paulo Chrisco
Chief Operating Officer, The Fascianator , Author of Pain Free Everyday


Lawless TV features women who took a leap of faith and are using their Special Personal Power. Watch their stories here and get inspired.

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Are fully committed to living beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term? Here is your chance to develop the three senses of high performance: engagement, joy and confidence.


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