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FREE Mini-Class: Find Your Special Personal Power

This mini-course is for you if you want a way to (re)-create yourself. It includes select powerful strategies and tools that I have used with CEOs to reflect on their purpose and how to actively and positively impact as many people as they can.

The next five steps have given balance to working mothers, have helped working single parents to find love again, have decrease debt for professionals with student loans, and have enabled executive women to successfully opt-out of the pressure, stress and exhaustion stemming from corporate life.

Some start out thinking that there is something wrong them - very often because it seems that everybody else has it together. It often seems that it is only us who find balancing work with personal and spiritual growth so hard.

The truth is that most people struggle doing just that because they work against their grain. They forget how beautiful, amazing, marvelous, and fantastic they really.

After taking this mini class you will realize again how much of a dream come true you really. You will discover the unique strengths that make you YOU.

Most importantly you will see new ways of putting your special personal power to work - and take one step towards (re)-Creating yourself.

Because, speaking with Bob Dylan: 'Life is not about finding yourself, or finding anything. It's about creating yourself.'

When you join the free mini-class, here is what you will learn:

  • Be clear on what drives you
  • Create your unique success blueprint
  • Use your tribe to fire you up
  • State your special personal power
  • Level up your life and career

In the five sessions, you will get:

  • 50 minutes of video instructions
  • 7 Why's Deep Worksheet
  • Program Transformation Worksheet
  • A complete copy of the book 'As A Man Thinketh' (which Tony Robbins highly recommends reading)
  • Links to multiple free resources

What People Are Saying:

Great insight into how I will keep moving forward.

Eileen Paulo Chrisco

Really has changed my life

Michael Casserly

Enabled me to have a deeper understanding of myself

Eliana M. Reyes